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A shirt with heart!

The best stuff, the best quality, for the best price.


We basically started our shop out of necessity. Our daughters were on an ages 5-7 cheer-leading squad and the shirt company kept dropping the ball. So we volunteered to make the shirts. 

We had zero clue what we were doing but our spirit wear was a hit! Soon parents started asking us for personalized gear to set them apart from other parents and from there we knew we had something special. 

Our main challenge has always been the 'box store' or the huge company that can do what we can at a much cheaper rate but much cheaper quality. This is where our motto comes into play: 'Quality over Quantity.'

We may not have a lot of items, but we'll have the right one for you and it will be made from the best materials we can get our hands on. 

This we guarantee. 


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